Saint Mark's Basilica

Piazza San Marco, 328, 30124 Venezia, Italy
from/per person 2.50


Saint Mark's Basilica

A not to miss advantage, that allow you to better schedule your visit, providing you more or your valuable time to visit the rest of the city instead of queueing up: the reservation of the entrance to Saint Mark's Basilica, will allow you to enter at a specific date and time, without queuing up.


Free entrance. Reservation fees: presale € 1.50 + online booking fee: € 1.00

Please note

Reservations available from April to October. The entrance of the Basilica is from Porta di San Pietro. The length of the visit of the Basilica is 10 minutes, in order to allow everyone to visit preserving the church integrity. IMPORTANT: entrance to the Basilica is free; reservation (with the payment of presale and the online booking fee) allows you to schedule your visit and to access the Basilica without queuing up. IMPORTANT: BEHAVIOR RULES The Basilica is overall a place for the cult and the pray; visitors are asked to respect some simple behavior rules in respect of the place and the persons.The prepurchased tickets DOES NOT guarantee access or stay inside the church, if the behavior rules are not respected, especially the dressing code. Dress Code: shorts and mini-skirts, sleeveless or short tops are not allowed (no bare arms or bare legs). All kinds of bags (handbag, shoulder bag, backpack, suitcase and bum bag included) are not allowed into the Basilica. You can deposit them for free before your entrance at the Ateneo San Basso, next to the Basilica. The Ateneo Ban Basso is located in the Calle San Basso, which is just off the Piazzetta dei Leoni to the left of the Basilica, as you stand in front of the facade. We invite you to minimize the number of bags and backpacks to avoid cluttering the deposit, and to bring with you your wallet and/or other valuables. Please speak quietly and protect the silence. Earbuds should be used for explanations. Reservations may be canceled at any time for reasons of force majeure, such as floods (Acqua Alta), religious events, or official and state visits. In these cases, your reservation remains valid for the whole day so you can make the visit at the closest available time. Photos and filming are not permitted. Opening hours: From November to Easter: 9.45 - 16.45; Sundays and Holidays: 14:00 - 17:00 From Easter to the end of October: 9.45 - 17.00; Sundays and Holidays: 14:00 - 17:00 Audioguides: You can also reserve the Audioguide 2 sites: Saint Mark's Basilica and Bell Tower. Pick up: Audioguide Desk Campanile di San Marco (Piazza San Marco) in the following hours: from middle March to the end of October: 09:30 - 16:30 from November to middle March: 10:00 - 15:00 closed on January Closure without previous notice for masses, concerts and extraordinary events. Available in 5 languages: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish. Duration: 60 minutes. PLEASE NOTE: By policy of the operator, we can accept up to 8 bookings per day. Reservations will be processed in order of arrival and date of visit, the surplus will be processed the next business day, up to 8 per day. IMPORTANT NOTICE: After succesfully completing a reservation, you will receive two e- mails: the copy of your order (immediately after submitting your order) and the confirmation mail (one working day after). In order to receive them, please make sure you insert your e-mail address correctly and check that your anti-spam filter or antivirus are not blocking mails from our address Special attention for AOL, Comcast and mailbox users. HOW TO USE THE VOUCHER: Print your voucher with the bar code and remember to bring it with you when you visit the Basilica. Only printed vouchers will be accepted. Without this, the entry gate at the priority entrance in the Basilica will not open. Your booking will be validated via the bar code on your voucher at the time of entry. The number of people showing up at the entrance must be equal to the number of people on the voucher. PLEASE NOTICE: Confirmed time is not always the same time you requested; museum automatically confirms the closest available time (any time) on the same date if requested time is sold out. Cancellation Policy: Your booking cannot be modified nor canceled. The cost of priority booking is non refundable. How to reach St. Mark's Basilica From Piazzale Roma: By the water-bus lines: 1 (in about 40 minutes) 51 direct (in about 20 minutes) 2 direct (in about 30 minutes) On foot it takes about 40 minutes to reach it. From the Railway Station (Santa Lucia): By the water-bus lines: 1 (in about 35 minutes) 51 direct (in about 25 minutes) 2 direct (in about 25 minutes) On foot it takes about 30-45 minutes to reach it.